The Cyprus Society of Nuclear Medicine (CySNM) was formed in 1999 in Nicosia. Founding members were nuclear medicine specialists, medical physicists, nuclear medicine technologists and other doctors (cardiologists, oncologists) with a special interest in nuclear medicine. The first president was Dr. Savvas Frangos. The society has developed and become a member of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine and the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology. The current president is Dr. Ourania (Rena) Demetriadou. 

Over the last two decades a lot of scientific work has been achieved. Nuclear Medicine has developed in terms of both imaging and therapy and is now a well-respected specialty within Cypriot medicine.

The Cyprus Society of Nuclear Medicine is looking forward to celebrating its 20th birthday with all those friends and colleagues who have contributed to the society’s success. We strongly believe that the best way to achieve that is through the organization of an “Anniversary Conference”. 

This would not just be a standard nuclear medicine conference. Though Cyprus is a small country we have had a big impact in the world of nuclear medicine and we wish to share our birthday with all our good friends worldwide. We are thankful to those world class leaders in nuclear medicine who have accepted our invitation and come here to Cyprus to share this special time with us. We will structure the meeting such that there will not only be exciting and learned lectures but there will be plenty of time for interaction and discussion including lively debates on controversies concerning nuclear medicine and its application.

We are particularly proud to give a special platform for young scientists to present their work, on the future of nuclear medicine, and the conference is open for abstracts submissions. If accepted this work will be presented in poster form and the accepted abstracts will be published in a special edition of a medical journal about Nuclear Medicine and thus be automatically cited in the Pubmed.  

In addition to the program for clinicians and scientists there will be a high quality program for technologists covering the latest information concerning high quality nuclear medicine imaging including SPECT/CT and PET/CT. There will be the opportunity to discuss how we can modify our practices to provide safer and more effective imaging for our patients.

Do not forget that Cyprus is an amazing place to visit with over 5000 years of history and unique food, wonderful people and a mild climate. Attendance at this 20th birthday conference can easily be combined with a few extra days so you can really enjoy your trip

So come and join us for an extra special conference, listen to the best lecturers in nuclear medicine, and enjoy all that this wonderful island has to offer as you share with us a very special 20th birthday.

Dr. Rena Demetriadou , President of CySNM 

Dr. Savvas Frangos,  Chair Scientific Committee